Wellness Adjustments

Therapeutic Recovery

Researchers have found that people who see chiropractors regularly are admitted to the hospital less often. This is likely due to the use of preventative care and early detection of issues.

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain / Sciatica

Low back pain is a common affliction, with eight out of ten adults experiencing back pain at some point in their lives. Chiropractic care can relieve muscle stress around the spine, increase range of motion, improve muscle strength, and recover from injuries more quickly.

Chiropractic for all ages

Treatment for all ages

Chiropractic care is safe and effective for a wide variety of pediatric conditions. Studies have shown it had positive effects on treating colic, chronic ear infections, torticollis, and plagiocephaly.



Studies show that patients with neck pain and headaches who are treated with chiropractic care have a 75% reduction in their pain symptoms at 12 weeks compared to when using medication.

About Us

Omaha and Bennington area Chiropractor Dr. Justin Nielsen is here to help you! Our Omaha Chiropractic and Sports Therapy clinic is conveniently located in northwest Omaha right off Fort and 156th Street. Some of our chiropractic specialties include: sports performance and rehabilitation, cold laser therapy, graston technique, myofascial release technique, therapeutic taping (rock tape), just to name a few. At Stone Creek Chiropractic we use only treatment parameters that are scientifically researched and have proven value in speeding up your recovery. But, don’t take our word for it, read our client testimonials. We aspire to be the point-man with regards to athletes, and those who aspire to maintain good health with an active lifestyle. At Stone Creek Chiropractic, we look forward to helping you realize your Health, Wellness, and Performance Goals!

This Omaha Chiropractic Office utilizes the most advanced chiropractic medicine available today. Our chiropractic technique is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure. If you are suffering from Neck pain, Back Pain, a Bulging or Herniated Disc, Sciatica, Golfers or Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel, shoulder pain, injuries from crossfit or lifting, or even a car accident, our hollistic therapeutic approach is aimed to resolve the underlying problem – not just mask the pain.

About Dr. Nielsen

Dr. Justin Nielsen specializes in providing gentle, safe, and effective chiropractic treatment for a wide variety of conditions. Having worked in either physical therapy or in chiropractic, Dr. Nielsen has managed and treated hundreds of patients with conditions ranging from whiplash to scoliosis, sciatica to herniated discs, sprained ankle to carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder labrum tears to knee dysfunction. Dr. Nielsen has had stunning success with these conditions and many others.

Dr. Nielsen is dedicated to providing the best chiropractic care in Omaha Bennington and Elkhorn, and is committed to relieving your pain using the best combination of chiropractic treatment and therapies. Patients seeking treatment with a Stone Creek Chiropractor are assured of receiving only the finest quality care because Dr. Nielsen has a genuine concern for well-being of his patients. Dr. Nielsen is one of the few chiropractors in Omaha that worked in physical therapy for half of a decade. Dr. Nielsen is a participating member of the following Chiropractic Associations:

  • • International Chiropractic Association
  • • American Chiropractic Association
  • • Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association
  • • American Chiropractic Sports Council

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Insurance plans that your Omaha Chiropractor accepts:

Our Chiropractor accepts most insurance plans from Aetna to Wellcare as either full or partial payment. This is a partial list of insurance providers that we accept, please inquire with us in case your healthcare plan isn’t listed below.

  • • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • • United Health Care
  • • Aetna
  • • Coventry
  • • Midlands Choice
  • • Avera
  • • Nebraska Total Care
  • • Wellcare of Nebraska
  • • First Choice of the Midwest
  • • HealthNet
  • • PrimeHealth
  • • Sanford

Our goal is to help everybody live pain-free, and not allow cost to prohibit their health and success, for that reason we have affordable payment options if you don’t have insurance. Call us if you don’t see your insurance provider listed at (402) 614-7717 to find out if we accept yours.

Most, if not all insurance plans cover at least some Chiropractic care and Therapy.

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Most insurance plans are accepted without an outside referral by your doctor or insurance carrier.